Prefer shopping online? It’s OK – I get it!

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Prefer shopping online? It’s OK – I get it! I mean, who hasn’t sat on the sofa idly adding to basket with one eye on the latest goings on in the jungle?

Maybe you’ve got a spare ten minutes during your lunch hour and really need to send a birthday present to your niece down South.

You’ve heard the messages about shopping locally and supporting small businesses, but who has the time? Right?

So, you quickly log on, have a quick search and press Buy Now. Job done!


Chances are you’ve been taken directly to a certain website. A certain website which claims to know exactly what you want. A website that uses algorithms to push you towards the books and gifts it wants you to buy, rather than the ones your niece would really love.

But what if I was to let you on a little secret?

That you can have personalised service, support a small local business but still shop online.

Intrigued? is an online store supporting small independent bookshops. Since being established in November 2020, customers have generated £2.4 million for independent bookshops without ever having to leave the comfort of their sofa!

Each bookshop registered on the site has their own home page where you can find Book Lists with recommendations from real-life booksellers. You can find B For Butterfly Books at:

Simply click on the link and you’ll be taken directly to the shop where you can find my latest recommendations and releases. Not only that but click on the social media links, send me a message and I’ll create a bespoke list of recommendations based on your requirements. No algorithms involved!

If you’re browsing the site, just make sure that you select B For Butterfly Books as your chosen bookshop – you know you’re in the correct place if you can see my logo at the top left-hand side of the screen – and the profits from that sale will come directly to my shop!

Of course, you can also shop directly with me at but provides a great alternative listing pretty much every traditionally published book available in the UK - something my little website could never cope with!

Shopping online doesn’t automatically mean shopping at the BIG LONG RIVER.

This Christmas you can choose to shop local and support small business all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You’ll make a small bookshop owner very happy!



Media quotes re.

“This is revolutionary: new online bookshop unites indies to rival Amazon,”

— The Guardian

“Thanks to Bookshop, there is no reason to buy books on Amazon anymore.”

— Inside Hook

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