Norse Mythology Illustrated

Norse Mythology Illustrated

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Multi-award-winning, globally bestselling author Neil Gaiman’s riveting retellings of the classic Norse myths, now reinvented with epic, full-colour illustrations by Levi Pinfold. A gift from the gods of story. Ancient myths burst into thrilling, visceral life in Neil Gaiman’s irresistible Norse Mythology, already a modern classic and a massive bestseller around the world.

In this brand-new edition, Levi Pinfold brings his own spectacular illustrative imagination to the world of gods, frost giants, magic and betrayal, uniting two awesome talents in one glorious book. From the dawn of the world to the twilight of the gods, this is the most dazzling journey through the Norse myths, with Odin the all-father and his mighty son Thor, whose hammer Mjollnir makes the mountain giants tremble, and Loki, wily and handsome, impossible to trust. Containing the full text of the original book and a feast of colour art, it’s perfect for readers of any age – as ancient as the mountains or as young as Loki’s many offspring.

Author: Neil Gaiman

Illustrator: Levi Pinfold

Hardback 256 pages, 30+ full page colour illustrations plus decoration.