I Can Hear You Ironing!

I Can Hear You Ironing!

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With a title inspired by an angry text that the sleep deprived, post-partum author once sent to her husband, this book is a must for anyone fed up with trying to survive modern life.  

This candid collection of 40 poems takes a stark look at parenting, internet comparison culture, and political nonsense, and asks important questions such as… Why is bonfire night always crap? Is it normal to get this stressed by the school Whatsapp group? And why can’t people on social media just be kinder to each other?!

Kate is a cheese-obsessed writer who was born in Wythenshawe, South Manchester. She now lives in Sale (primarily because they have a better selection of cheeses) with her husband and two children.

She’s been writing poetry since she was about six or seven years old, and describes herself as a “fair weather feminist” because putting out bins is definitely her husband’s job, but she’ll happily fight to close the gender pay gap, or end violence against women any day of the week.

Much of Kate’s poetry examines the unrealistic expectations that modern society places on people (mainly women!) and why we need to just step away from all the nonsense.

Author: Kate Hook

Illustrator: Paul Loudon

Paperback: 96 pages