Game Over: Memory Wars (Game Over Book 2)

Game Over: Memory Wars (Game Over Book 2)

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If your mind is online, can your thoughts and memories really be safe?

Hailstorm Games is under a cyberattack and Jack Delaney's mind has been invaded by a nefarious hacker; it threatens to take his memories forever. This faceless hacker first targets Jack and then it becomes a global threat. The Raid Mob must battle the rogue attacker to beat it at its own game in order to save Jack’s memories.

But they are about to discover the price for their success. What good is money and fame when your mind, and everything in it, is under threat?

Let the Memory Wars begin...

About the Game Over series: Game Over is a reality-bending, adventure series that tells the story of the Raid Mob: four teenage misfits who happen to be world-class gamers, until radical technology plucks them from their anonymous existence and hurls them deep into a revolutionary virtual realm.

Exploring the worlds of online gaming and virtual reality, and with graphical elements throughout, this four-book series is perfect for teen gamers and sci-fi lovers aged 12+.

Book 1 in the series can be found at: