My Love Life and the Apocalypse

My Love Life and the Apocalypse

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Planet Earth Sucks. Humans have gone and cities are empty, looked after by bots.

But not all robots are machines. Echo is part-human, his heart ruled by an unreliable E-Mote chip which means he's pretty much a normal boy surviving on canned beans. Living his best life.

Then a space-pod crash-lands in his neighbourhood with a girl on board. Pandora. She's his last hope, and apparently he's hers - if they really are all that's left alive ...

A highly original and uplifting YA love story/science fiction mash-up with a slow-burn romance Set in an abandoned but fully maintained New York City where the characters live out all our empty mall dreams A thrilling adventure with plenty of unexpected twists and turns - and a dash of darkness YA readers will love Echo's vintage 90s-00s culture obsession!

Paperback - 400 pages

Author - Melissa Welliver